Sunday, 1 March 2009

Searching for an Internet Service Provider to Search With?


When you are looking at an ISP it would beneficial if they are located near you because, theoretically, it is easier to deal with any issues that may crop up. Services offered and prices charged vary a lot form 1 internet service provider to the next. The small business ISP's are generally popular as they often give great customer service and provide technical support fairly quickly.

These types of vendors offer good competitive price schemes and rely on a good standard of service provision. Another factor that stands out with smaller ISP businesses is the enthusiasm to please. Some of the larger, well known, ISP companies have developed their own in-house technical support and also support other Internet Service Providers. Often these larger ISP's don't offer the flexibility of the smaller ISP's. Generally speaking the bigger organizations have a much larger customer base and do not apply the resources in order to please customers.

For the business user ISP is generally cheaper provided by medium to larger size organizations. Money invested in research and development mean that big companies can offer more technologically advanced processes and connection speeds than the smaller organizations. When choosing an ISP, it is recommended that you do some research before signing up with your chosen ISP.

Make a list of the services you require from your chosen ISP. Search the internet for suitable ISP companies. See how potential vendors respond by emailing them questions regarding key service requirements. If your are a business seeking an ISP go to other similar size companies and ask the Director of IT for feedback on the vendor that they currently use.

Internet Service Provision - Free

Some Internet Service Providers provide a free service and even will help you determine which is the best ISP for you. It is worthwhile getting a free ISP to access the internet after which you can then compare the service offered. Broaden your horizons by surfing the web using a free internet service offered by one of the many ISP.

Dial-up internet connection is not really worth paying for nowadays due to the faster alternatives of broadband and T1.

Once you start using the net you must have a cleansing program that uses anti-virus and ad aware killing programs. To stop unwanted access to your system by intruders you must utilise the firewall protection software.

Basic Gude - P2P Technology

What do you know about P2P? Are you embarrased to ask about it? This guide will run down most of the major P2P services and how they work. Individuals can now benefit by sharing each others files by using P2P technology. Second generation P2P does not work off centralized servers such as Napster. First of all each peer connects to another peer whith whom they intend to share the files with. The next step is to exchange IP addresses. After connection has been established the software will then start the search for the file that is being shared. After finding the location of the shared file all the nodes are connected. At this juncture the download starts and the peer has a screen whereby he/ she can see the download progress. 

by: Frank Muller

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