Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Buku Panduan Bahasa Indonesia dan Video Tutorial Software Citrix MetaFrame XP

Citrix Metaframe  XP All In One

3 CD
Untuk menghidari pihak BSA / Microsoft dalam penggunaan Operation System bajakan. Dapat di akalin dengan Software CITRIK METAFRAME. 1 CPU sever dengan Instalasi Windows 2000 Family Original, client menggunakan windows 98 / Linux akan meremote sever yang menggunakan OS winxp Original.
Kecepata dan Instalasi di sever akan sama persis dengan komputer Clieant. Minimum Operation System : Windows 2000 Family

Citrix® GoToMyPC® is the fast, easy and secure way to access your PC from any Web browser in real time. It’s like taking your office with you wherever you go. Citrix®MetaFrame XP™for Window$.

With Feature Release 2 enables global access to Windows 2000 based applications— fromny device and any connection. And Citrix MetaFrame XP puts the power of management in IT professionals’ hands. Its single-point control, total Net leverage, ultimate flexibility and end-to-end security enable businesses to manage access to windows based applications.

Designed to enable administrators to easily scale servers as their organizations row,Citrix MetaFrame XP makes a predictable, cost-effective virtual workplace real for all users. And it provides better utilization of limited IT resources, with powerful capabilities for centrally managing applications, servers and server farms, licenses and resources.Citrix specifically customized the Citrix MetaFrame XP family into three tailored solutions that will accommodate a wide spectrum of customer requirements for functionality and scale:
Citrix MetaFrame XPs delivers the level of control that departmental workgroups require to extend the reach of Windows 2000 Server to multiple devices.Citrix MetaFrame XPa maximizes the availability of applications across the Net for growing organizations. Citrix MetaFrame XPe offers extensive scalability and manageability, as well as rapid application deployment, for global enterprises in a Windows 2000 Server based environment.

Rp. 100.000,-  (Udah Termasuk Ongkos Kirim)

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