Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Buku Panduan Bahasa Indonesia dan Video Tutorial Software BetWin

Betwin All Multi Computer

1 CD
Fungsi dan kegunaan BITWIN
Software yang digunakan untuk menjadikan computer 1 Unit bisa lebih dari 1 Unit (Dengan hanya 1 CPU kita dapat memiliki 4-5 Computer Client). Minimum Operation System : Windows XP Home

BeTwin software enables two to five users to share the computing power and resources of a single computer. All users can simultaneously perform any tasks that they would perform on a standard Windows Vista (32-bit).


Additional users are supported by add in off-the-shelf PCI or PCI-Express VGA cards and monitors along with USB keyboards, USB mice and, optional, USB Audio.

Rp. 50.000,- 

Pemesanan :
Septa - 085745899434


Language Indonesian : Betwin Hardware, TraubleShooting Betwin

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